Avery’s Plumbing 3 Types of Bathroom Remodels

Can’t afford a full bathroom remodel?

Avery’s Plumbing Bathroom Remodel team gives you 3 options so you can still upgrade your “getting ready” space:

1. ✨ Cosmetic Refresh (difficulty: EASY)

A cosmetic refresh bathroom remodel is all about making your bathroom look better without changing the layout or structure. It’s like giving your bathroom a new coat of paint. You can update the walls, floors, and decorations, and even replace some small fixtures. This is a good option if your bathroom looks old-fashioned but still works well.

2. 🚿 Pull and Replace (difficulty: MODERATE)

In a pull-and-replace bathroom remodel, you replace the cabinets, sink, vanity, toilet, and/or shower with new ones. This is less invasive than a full remodel because it doesn’t involve changing the layout or plumbing and electrical systems. It’s like swapping out your old things for new ones.

3. 🚿🛁🚽 Full Custom Bathroom Remodel (difficulty: HARD)

If you want a completely new bathroom that is unique to you, a full custom bathroom remodel is the way to go. This involves changing the layout, materials, and fixtures to create a bathroom that suits your needs and style. It can be more complicated and expensive because it may involve changing the electrical, plumbing, and structure of the bathroom. But the end result is a BRAND NEW bathroom designed just for you.

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