12 signs your bathroom is outdated and needs upgrades

If you spend a long time getting ready for the day chances are you spend hours in your bathroom. 

Here are 12 signs it may be time to upgrade your sacred “getting ready” space by the Avery’s Plumbing Bath Remodeling Team:

1. You’ve worked hard for years and have never done work on your bathroom

You’re starting to think it’s time for a nice, new bathroom that finally fits your style and greatly enhances your daily routine

2. The previous homeowner probably styled the bathroom in a way that doesn’t align with your style or personality

And what worked well for them may not quite work well for you now. You want a space that you designed – not somebody else.

3. You’re getting older or starting to have mobility issues so it might be time for a walk-in shower that’s easier to get in and out of, and easier to clean.

4. You don’t have enough storage space so you probably clutter the countertops and floor, which makes your bathroom feel cramped and untidy.

5. You spend lots of time getting ready and the old light fixtures are dim and make it difficult to apply your makeup or get your hair done perfectly.

6. Your bathroom lighting is too harsh and it makes your bathroom feel cold and sterile – like you’re getting ready in a hospital evey day

7. Your bathroom is poorly designed and maybe the toilet is too close to the shower so it’s difficult to use both at the same time…

8. You feel uneasy and self-conscious when you have guests over.

You’re scared they’re going to judge the old vanity or the outdated wallpaper that is starting to peel off.

It would feel good to impress them with a modern bathroom that probably looks nicer than what they’re used to

9. You think, “why not add some life to my sacred “getting ready” space” to reflect my personality and personal style?” 

10. You want to add some colorful tiles, a new wallpaper, or some elegant artwork.

11. You want to upgrade your old fixtures to make your bathroom look like a modern spa: you want a ceramic vessel sink or a color-changing LED showerhead.

12. You’ve spent so much time and sacrifice on your family over the years that you think it’s finally time to treat yourself for once.

If any of these sound like you the Avery’s Plumbing Bath Remodel Team made you the Ultimate Bathroom Remodeling Guide with everything you need to know to get the bathroom makeover of your dreams at a price you can afford.

Download it here.

An investment in your bathroom is an investment in yourself.
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