Navien Repair and Installation

Navien Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters operate without using a storage tank to generate hot water. They are energy-efficient and offer substantial savings – from $25 to $107 per year!

For those who already don’t spend much on hot water, these devices can also be up to 24% more efficient than conventional models.

Additionally, since their operation doesn’t rely on a finite amount of fuel – they’re perfectly suited for households that consume below 41 gallons daily.

Since we are talking about effectiveness, the navien tankless water heater has the highest level.

They are compact and provide unlimited hot water for your home without increasing your energy bill.

As such, there is no need for periodic maintenance or constant vigilance on when to turn on the faucet – simply turn it on when needed!

We offer free estimates, competitive pricing and guaranteed satisfaction.

Navien Water Heater Installation

Every installation process is unique, and multiple factors influence how long it takes to be complete.

  • The position of the new system
  • How close it is to electrical wiring, connecting power, water, and gas lines
  • How was the process of removing the old water heater(s)
  • Which professional will be responsible for the installation

Each occurrence can make a huge difference throughout the process; therefore, a qualified installation is essential to ensure optimal efficiency.

If you want to enjoy the comfort and endless hot water that only a Navien can provide, you need to look for authorized experts like the ones at Avery’s.

Our authorized installers are meticulously trained in all aspects of the procedure, from obtaining required licenses and permits to conducting comprehensive tests and inspections on an installed unit.

Partnering with Averys means you will have peace of mind concerning your unit’s functioning process and future expenses since our crew will provide up-front estimates after seeing the space.

Navien Water Heaters Maintenance and Repair

It is no secret that Navien’s Premium Non-condensing tankless water is the first and only system that has technology for steady hot water.

Its buffer tank removes the “cold water sandwich” effect and problems of minimum flow rates commonly found in other tankless water heaters.

They are the best choice, especially if you want ultimate convenience and a device that can endure up to 20 years.

However, even with the best equipment, things may not go as planned. That’s why proper care is needed to achieve this lifespan.

In fact, regular maintenance by an authorized Navien technician is required as part of the manufacturer’s warranty policy.

Additionally, if your home’s water flow and temperature are not like they used to be or if you are receiving an error code on your Navien unit, it probably needs to be repaired or replaced.

In those cases, Avery’s authorized technicians will identify the error codes and reset your unit if necessary.

They are trained to interpret Navien error codes and take the actions required to ensure that your family can enjoy all the hot water you need for as long as you need it!

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