I’m Remodeling My Bathroom: Do I Hire a Contractor vs Plumber?

Your bathroom remodel is a BIG investment in your home’s value and your daily comfort. 

Over the last 5 years, more US homeowners are choosing highly-specialized plumbing companies to do their bathroom remodels over traditional General Contractors.

Here’s 6 Reasons Why:

1. Bathroom Remodels involve highly-specialized plumbing work: Plumbing companies have the skill, expertise, and experience to complete bath remodels quickly and efficiently. General construction companies may not have the same level of expertise in plumbing so they often take longer and can make more mistakes.

2. Plumbers have access to cheaper materials: Plumbing companies get access to lower-cost materials than general construction companies because they purchase materials in bulk, unlike general construction companies who typically purchase materials per project assigned. This means it costs less to do your remodel 

3. Plumbing Labor costs are cheaper:  Plumbing companies have their own crews of plumbers which allows them to keep labor costs down. General construction companies have to hire subcontractors to do their plumbing, which means they have to charge you more. 

4. Plumbers generally have lower overhead expenses:  General contractors have higher operating costs because of the wide range of services they offer. Plumbing companies typically focus their resources on just plumbing-specific tasks, resulting in lower overhead costs and overall cheaper prices for the customer.

5. Plumbing companies are always up to code: Plumbing companies are legally required to always stay up-to code and follow best practices. By choosing to hire a plumber, you ensure long-term functional satisfaction of your newly renovated space, unlike a contractor who may not know all the latest city regulations required. 

6. Plumbing companies provide warranties: If a plumbing problem arises in a bathroom remodeled by a general contractor, you may have to pay for the repairs out of pocket. If the bathroom was remodeled by a plumber, you may be able to get the repairs covered under the plumber’s warranty. 

By choosing a reputable plumbing company to do your bathroom remodel you ensure long-term functional satisfaction of your newly renovated space at considerably lower costs. 

If you’re doing a bathroom remodel near Charleston, SC this summer call Avery’s Plumbing at (843) 222-0368 to get a free, no-obligation quote today! 

They have a 4.9 Google Rating and 100+ 5-Star Reviews, and are considered one of Charleston’s most reputable plumbing companies that specializes in high-quality bathroom remodels. 


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